Modi School
" Nation Building Through Excellence In Education. "
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About Founder

Dr. Rashmikant Pravinchandra Modi, the founder, pioneer of Modi Schools, is a visionary educationist, philanthropist, quintessential teacher, man of action and a real human being. Dr. Modi is the first person to obtain Ph.D. in Space Science in Physics Department from Saurashtra University and has been in the field of education since 1982. He strongly believes that if today’s youth is guided properly, he can reach any height of success. He says that our discipline, culture and heritage, must be inculcated in the students from their childhood.

Rajkot was a city of ‘Tuitions’ before 1999. Students would study in granted schools and go for extra ‘tuitions’ in the evening. Dr. Modi was touched by the waste of time, money and energy of students as well as parents. A thought occurred to him of establishing a SELF – FINANCE School of Science. He had to flow against current for this, but with his strong will, he could commence the first self – finance science school. In his school, students don't need to go for ‘extra tuitions’, the school itself does everything for them. And it was a boon to the city. Inspired by him, a lot more such schools came into existence in Rajkot city converting Rajkot city as an ‘education hub’. When Modi brothers started, they had 66 students in 11th Science and only 1 student in std. 8 in the first year and with the strength escalating every year, the figure in 2015 has crossed 10,000 in Rajkot branch and 2000 in Jamnagar branch. The school has exceptional PIE-APPLE order as it is developed in the sequence of Higher Secondary first, thereafter secondary and finally primary and preprimary. A fruit to seed order.

Dr. Modi’s younger brother, though being civil engineer selected to walk on the path established by his Elder brother. Mr. Paras Modi has been successfully running full fledged branch in Jamnagar city which is a replica of Rajkot city Modi Schools.

After some time, once Dr. Modi visited a student who temporarily stayed in Rajkot city for studies. He was living without even basic facilities. After meeting that student Dr. Modi was so emotionally affected that at once he decided to do something and that ‘something’ is Modi Residential School.

Mr. Modi has never compromised with quality. ‘No compromise with quality’ is his motto. The same principle resulted into quantity also. So at present it is a school of quality plus quantity. His is not a narrow mission to make students succeed only but to make them better and better human beings. Along with ‘human shaping qualities’ the results of board exams of his students are eye- catching. Be it results of std. 10 Board exam, std. 12 Commerce exams, or std. 12 Science exams, everywhere the result is individually and collectively on the top. Apart from all-round development, he does " king making " job.